Location Matters

We are available 24/7 and we are local.  We take pride in fast response times and our goal is to respond within less than 24 hours of your request.   

We Aren't Going Anywhere

Our office is centrally located at 94 Main Street. Our manager and owner lives on Center Street. Our student leasing agent lives on Main Street. We are here for you and student rentals is our full - time business.

Rocco J. Dragani

Manager & Owner


585 991 9990


Signing a lease is usually something new for students. We take time to discuss your rental agreement and we include parents in the process. We have set office hours and we are available to you outside of office hours as well.

Student Residents

Our People

Marilyn Dragani

Student Leasing Agent


585 738 5736



We conduct a fair and easy to understand process for offering students housing during the rental season that provides a level playing field for all. 

Why choose HSPM?

 Quality Rental Housing for SUNY Geneseo Students

Improvements to Properties

Our properties are next to or close to Campus.  When we say "walking distance" we mean it. All locations make sense for students.

24/7 Service Always

Our commitment is to SUNY Geneseo Students!

Experience & Resources 

Every summer we invest back into our properties to continuously upgrade our student housing.  We regularly remodel and improve our units.

Our entire focus is providing safe and clean off - campus housing in great locations to SUNY Geneseo students.

Student Housing IS Our Business

Fair and Equitable Leasing Process

We own all of the properties we lease. We have a vested interest in you and in our properties. We have the resources to stand behind our commitments.  If problems should arise, we show up and we have the know how to solve them.

Our Mission

Christine Lennington

Office Administration & Accounting


585 991 7688


Our Mission is Simple:
Provide Quality Off - Campus Student Housing in Prime Locations